Enterprise Class Hardware Support

NEW in 2021!! Zerowait introduces remote monitoring for SimplStor Windows Server builds. This feature detects drive, power supply and fan failures, then sends a notification to Zerowait. The notification is processed automatically generating a support ticket, after which a replacement part is promptly prepared by Support Engineers and shipped to the customer. Additionally, system health is monitored by Zerowait in an ongoing process to spot indications of potential hardware issues with details collected in the weekly SimplStor Health Report.

When we designed the SimplStor® line of storage arrays, we knew we needed to ensure that our customers received the same Enterprise level support they currently had on their Tier 1 systems. That led our engineers to develop SimplStor's resident diagnostic/reporting software – SimplSupport - to offer the same features and experience that customers are used to with their Tier 1 storage. Power issue? SimplStor will let you know. Bad fan or drive? SimplStor will notify our engineers and yours to make sure the correct part is quickly swapped out. And our diagnostics tie your system and engineers to our engineering and parts groups – offering 24/7 engineering support and next business day parts delivery. SimplSupport is Enterprise class support at Archive prices, and the first year is included with your purchase. Want to save even more? Let us know how many additional years of support you need at the time of purchase and we will add a multi-year discount. Remember, Zerowait is a service company – and we will be supporting SimplStor, and you, into the next decade.

Information Technology Support (ITS)

When you need help beyond our SimplSupport hardware support, Information Technology Support (ITS) gives you access to Zerowait’s experts by the hour, day, week or month for a wide variety of datacenter needs. Perhaps you have questions about a Linux upgrade, Windows Server system settings, VMware deployment, troubleshooting a backup, or planning a data migration. Zerowait IT experts can help planning an entirely new Linux, VMware or Windows workflow and everything you need to buildout a robust, scalable on-prem storage platform that will meet your needs for a decade or longer.

Emergencies, nights, weekends or regular working hours, Zerowait is here for you 24x7. ITS time is prepaid support and available when you need it, even on short notice. Our team is available for remote help via phone or web, even onsite if necessary.

Have a temporary need for more administrative help? Give us a call. Zerowait is not a placement agency, but our storage experts can get you through those occasional coverage gaps, staffing changes or spikes in administrative activity when having an extra member on the team is indispensable.

Zerowait has been supporting customers 24x7 for over two decades and all of our engineers are all U.S. citizens and U.S. based. We do not outsource or offshore any engineering responsibilities. You will find Zerowait always provides a great value for the money and that is why we are still thriving after more than three decades in the IT market.

Call or email to learn more or discuss your needs with one of the best IT support teams in the industry.

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