SimplStor®-W SMB

Designed for Small to Medium Businesses, SimplStor®-W SMB Brings Simplicity,
Performance and Flexibility to On-Premise Data Storage.

SimplStor-W SMB is the answer!

The Zerowait SimplStor®-W SMB is the perfect data storage solution for small to medium businesses needing to grow their on-premise network data storage without the hassles of learning a new operating system--and it frees you from proprietary OEM hardware like NetApp or EMC. Designed with Microsoft® Windows Server—either 2019 or 2022— SimplStor-W SMB is easy to configure, manage and afford! Zerowait has been building storage solutions for over 25 years and our goal with SimplStor-W SMB was to provide the simplicity, flexibility and performance you need for small to medium business network storage.

  • Easily expandable from 120TB on up!
  • Fast, reliable 8GB RAID card or HBA options.
  • Easy to understand Windows Server 2019 or 2022 optimized storage.
  • Integrated 24/7 all-home system monitoring.
  • Right to Repair your own equipment.
  • Affordable, customizable service policies for up to 5 years.
SimplStor-W SMB is the answer!
Because Storage Shouldn't Break Your Budget!

Using Cloud for your SMB storage requirements can cost a lot, and many organizations are looking to reduce their cloud spending. SimplStor-W SMB when compared to cloud solutions can have an ROI of less than a year, and will provide many years of reliable service.

AI innovation is evolving quickly. AI-powered analytics can easily identify security anomalies and ways to make day-to-day tasks easier.

  • Easy integration with your AI software.
  • Access to native Microsoft tools for integration with Hyper-V.
  • Compatible with Azure and Office 365.
  • Expert engineers on-call to help you implement new solutions and trouble-shoot issues.
  • Zerowait's Simplstor has a history of reliability and uptime.
  • SimplSupport includes Exception Reporter, with a version developed in-house specifically for monitoring SimplStor systems, including those based on Windows Server.
  • Long-term value and ROI—Zerowait’s SimplStor systems are known for long-term reliability and support. In the field since 2010, SimplStor systems typically have a service life of well over 5 years. If you are looking for long-term quality, service and support, Zerowait is your answer.
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