NetApp E-Series Vs SimplStor Series Storage

When NetApp acquired the LSI Eugenio storage product line, it wasn't clear how it would fit in the FAS environment. It didn't offer the FAS operating system, and it wasn't compatible with other NetApp hardware. Over time, NetApp tried to make it more "FAS-like" but it was really more "FAS-lite" offered at a lower price point. The market wasn't any more convinced than NetApp seemed to be and, based on conversations with clients, NetApp seems to be backing away rapidly from the product line. However, if a low-cost, custom-tailored storage with long term support is exactly what you need, there is an alternative to ESeries: You should be looking at SimplStor.

The NetApp E Series was originally designed to offer performance on a budget. NetApp purchased the technology and positioned it as a Tier 2/bulk storage option for applications that don't require either the full set of FAS features or the high price that accompanies those features. That said, it is still a NetApp product so the pricing, and support pricing, is still quite significant (Got to pay for the big buildings and management salaries). Plus, there are limited options (tough for a big company to offer real flexibility in hardware or eliminate bloat and licensing in software), and you have to deal with the artificial need for planned obsolesce (otherwise you won't buy new hardware every three years and support the high stock price).

Over the 20 years Zerowait has been supporting our storage clients, they have been clear on what they really need in this type of system: real flexibility in configuring the system; aggressive pricing to meet their budgets; and Tier 1 support that allows them to keep their systems running for many years. SimplStor is available with multiple hardware platforms, offering 12 to 60 hotswappable drive bays, and with add-on shelves offering 45 or 90 drive bays, all without the problems of "double trays". We can use any size drive on the market, since we do not install custom firmware. We can add memory and caching as desired to deliver performance as required, and you pick the operating system, whether Linux or Windows. We typically recommend RAID 6 (dual parity) since that is the standard for data availability today, but we work with our clients to configure their systems to their specifications.

In all cases, SimplStor comes with SimplSupport, including our phone home diagnostic, 24/7 access to our engineering staff, and Next Business Day parts delivery. Unlike NetApp, Zerowait will support your SimplStor System as long as there are parts available to do so--there is no artificial end of life. And our price for support doesn't go up as your unit gets older--it remains 20% of purchase price or less (we pass decreasing parts costs to our customers).

SimplStor is everything the E-Series promises, but Zerowait actually delivers. And we are always interested in NetApp trade-ins - FAS or E-Series. Call 800-811-0808 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to request a quote.