SimplStor®-X XFS

Zerowait SimplStor®-X -- A Great Solution
for Large Block Level Storage

We introduced SimplStor over a decade ago to give our NetApp™ customers an affordable alternative to buying new proprietary storage systems. Built without any proprietary hardware and using the OS and file system which best suits the customer’s requirements, SimplStor sales have grown rapidly.

Since its introduction, Linux and XFS has been a popular choice for SimplStor builds. We call this combination, SimplStor -. Originally developed in the 1990s by SGI (Silicon Graphics, Inc.), XFS was created for large file systems. XFS has earned a great reputation for performance, scalability, and reliability. With its native journaling, XFS provides the foundation of an extremely reliable low-cost data storage solution.

  • Capacity – SimplStor-X systems typically scale from 300TB to multiple petabytes depending on the customer’s requirements. The modular design of SimplStor X makes future expansion easy.
  • RAID – For reliability, most customers select RAID 6 for their production systems. One of our Storage Architects will help you choose the best RAID configuration for your SimplStor deployment.
  • Data Drives – Depending on your workflow demands and budget, SimplStor-X can be built with SATA, SAS or SSDs. OS drives are always on mirrored SSDs.
  • Defragmentation & Growth – Incorporated natively into XFS, the filesystem can be defragmented and enlarged while mounted.
  • Journaling – An important feature of XFS, journaling allows for rapid recovery in the event of system crash.
  • Dynamic Allocation of Inodes - Unlike most other file systems, inodes in XFS are dynamically allocated, their location and number are not determined at mkfs time.

Zerowait has supported enterprise storage systems worldwide 24x7 for over two decades. All SimplStor systems include our advanced trouble reporting SimplSupport Call Home feature.

If you are looking for large block level storage, Zerowait’s SimplStor is the answer! Each budget friendly SimplStor is a semi-custom build, tailormade to meet your performance, capacity, connectivity, and redundancy needs. Let’s talk about your workload and requirements. To schedule time with a Zerowait Storage Architect, call +1 302-996-9408 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..