SimplStor®-W WINDOWS

Scalable, reliable, and fast,
purpose-built storage with Windows Server

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It's what's behind the bezel that counts!

Zerowait’s Storage Architects take the guesswork out of data storage. By using best-of-breed hardware, purpose-built for your specific workload, SimplStor® is the affordable choice when you need data storage with Microsoft® Windows Server—whether for a hundred terabytes or multiple petabytes. Like every SimplStor system, our builds with Windows Server are reliable, fast, easy to manage, and come with access to Zerowait’s Exception Reporter to ensure you get the proactive 24x7 support that Zerowait customers have enjoyed for more than two decades.

Two customizable versions of SimplStor Storage with Windows are available:
  • SimplStor Video Vault: These units can be optimized for video archiving or Network Video Recording (NVR).
  • SimplStor SMB: Ideal for small to medium business, these units are perfect for file shares, databases, and working with specialty applications such as Stealthbits and Acronis products.

Each SimplStor Storage system with Windows Server comes with Zerowait Advantages:
  • Zerowait’s team are recognized storage experts.
  • SimplStor is customizable to meet your requirements:
    • RAID vs HBA
    • Memory
    • CPU
    • Disks (Spinning or SSD)
  • Personalized, expert support and services.
  • SimplSupport includes Exception Reporter, developed in-house specifically for monitoring SimplStor systems, including those based on Windows Server.
  • Compatible with Azure and Office 365.
  • Long-term value and ROI—Zerowait’s SimplStor systems are known for long-term reliability and support. In the field since 2010, SimplStor systems typically have a service life of well over 5 years. If you are looking for long-term quality, service and support, Zerowait is your answer.
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