SimplStor®-Z ZFS

The features you love in proprietary storage systems,
without their high prices.

If you are looking for a no-compromise on-prem or private cloud storage solution and don’t have money to burn, look no further than SimplStor®-Z. Building on a decade of SimplStor experience, for on-prem we combined Linux and ZFS with best-of-breed hardware to create an enterprise storage platform that checks all the boxes. SimplStor can also be run as a VMware or Hyper-V VM or in your private cloud with seamless data transport irrespective of deployment strategy.

Zerowait’s SimplStor-Z can translate between all ONTAP, EMC and Dell snapshot versions so that snapshot data can be written and restored to any system be it on-prem, virtual or in your private cloud. SimplStor-Z enables easy data migrations without a forklift upgrade.

SimplStor-Z is fundamentally less expensive to buy, grow, and support than any of the proprietary storage systems on the market. By using Linux and ZFS, and leaving out the expensive proprietary hardware, SimplStor-Z pricing will be a pleasant surprise.

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration with open source tools is complex and often confusing. When an integration with an advanced filesystem such as OpenZFS is desired, complexity increases further. Zerowait’s SimplStor-Z provides out of the box AD integration on top of a fully supported OpenZFS storage platform. No more guesswork and help is available 24x7 for specific configuration needs. Critical CIFS/SMB management tools not supplied by other vendors such as getfacl, setfacl, smbcacls and more are included with SimplStor-Z. On prem, VM or on your private cloud, Zerowait has AD integrated OpenZFS storage systems designed to simplify, consolidate, compliment or replace legacy storage systems. Call today for a demo.

SimplStor®-Z ZFS Videos

Purpose-built to meet your needs, SimplStor-Z can give you everything from economical capacity for backup or archival needs to a storage powerhouse able to satisfy your organization’s most demanding workloads. Hundreds of terabytes to multiple petabytes, SimplStor-Z will grow with you. Expansion and many upgrades can be implemented on the fly and without downtime.

Zerowait Simplstor-Z provides NIPR and SIPR ATO with RedHat Linux (RHEL) as required by your specific agency. Licensing and support contract vehicles as well as ATO specific configurations are assumed by your agency unless otherwise discussed.

Standing behind every SimplStor is Zerowait’s proven 24x7 support. When minutes matter, a Zerowait support engineer is available to take your call. Well known as the affordable 3rd party alternative to NetApp support, Zerowait has been supporting enterprise storage users around the world for over two decades. Zerowait’s Exception Reporter is a “phone home” capability available for any SimplStor system. The Exception Reporter notifies Zerowait’s hardware support engineers whenever a system has “sick” or failed components so we can immediately dispatch the needed replacement parts. Support is in our DNA and it sets SimplStor apart.

If you prefer using Windows Server or Linux and XFS, we build SimplStor that way too.

Call or email to learn more about SimplStor, 1+ 302-996-9408 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..