SimplStor Monthly Special

Perfect Replacement for EOS NetApp FAS2552 or FAS2554

SimplStor Z Storage Base Server with 120TB raw storage, OpenZFS filesystem installed on Linux.

  • Easily upgraded for capacity and performance.
  • Includes native encryption, deduplication, compression, mirrors, snap shots.
  • Simplified Active Directory Integration.
  • The features you love about NetApp without the things you don’t!

SPECIFICATIONS for the standard unit:
  • SimplStor 2U Storage Server, 12-bay
  • 2 x SSD for OS
  • 64GB RAM
  • 12 x 10TB SAS data drives
  • (1) Intel Optain P4800X 375GB SSD / (1) 2TB: NVMe M.2 SSD for Read / Write Cache
  • Alma Linux or your Linux version installed with OpenZFS Filesystem
  • INCLUDES: One Year SimplSupport – Advanced Hardware Replacement services and Zerowait Active System Monitoring

Compare SimplStor Z to NetApp FAS255X
FAS255X per nodeSimplStor Z
CPU(1) 64 bit 2 core 1.7GHz(2) 64 bit 12 core 2.1GHz (customizable)
MEMORY18GB64GB up to 4TB DDR4 3200
Onboard NIC Ports(4) 1GbE Cu RJ45(2) 10GbE Cu RJ45 (7 PCI slots for more)
Base Unit HDD Slots24 (2U or 4U)(12) 2U or 36 (4U)
Shelf HDD Slots12 (2U) or 24 (2U or 4U)44 (4U)
Max Data Drives144122
OS DrivesPart of Data Drives(2) SSD in separate compartment
OSData ONTAP (proprietary)Linux w/ OpenZFS (Open source)
CACHE/NVMEM1GB NVMEM (Flexcache options avail.)(1) Intel P4800X 375G/ Read Cache
(1) 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD / Write Cache

US List Price: $22,800 plus shipping, sales tax (if applicable).

  • Price Valid through 5/31/2023. Please contact us for updated pricing and delivery.
  • Your trade-in may reduce your costs.
  • Monthly service pricing available.
  • Longer support terms are available.

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