SimplStor EL7 Network Bonding (HowTo)

Why Bond Network Ports?

Channel bonding is a method of aggregating multiple network interfaces into a single logical interface, enabling two or more physical ports to act as one. You enjoy the benefits of load balancing the network interfaces and implement a more fault tolerant environment by virtue of the fact that if one ethernet port fails the other(s) will continue to function with no outage to your user community.

Important Notes:

This example only shows two bonded ports. If you desire to bond three or more, just follow the example and define them as your requirements dictate. For a thorough description of networking administration on RHEL7/CentOS7 please consult the “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Networking Guide”.

Manually editing the interface configuration files can be error prone, so the method described here makes use of “nmtui” – the Network Manager Text User Interface. This interface presents all the information you’ll need to configure the appropriate “ifcfg“ scripts that are used by the system.

To read the complete whitepaper, click here: SimplStor EL7 Network Bonding.