The Affordable Big Data, Archive and Departmental Storage Solution

While the volume of data continues to grow, and retention policies become increasingly complex, storage administrators are finding their budgets and staffing under constant pressure. To meet these opposing requirements, they need to find simpler and more affordable solution to storing their data. It's not a trivial task, unless you are a SimplStor customer.

The SimplStor® family of integrated storage solutions dramatically reduces the acquisition costs of enterprise storage and eliminates the expensive licensing costs associated with most other enterprise storage solutions. These integrated storage solutions are designed to provide reliable data access without the penalty of a proprietary operating system and its associated high licensing and maintenance costs.

SimplStor allows customers to take advantage of the most well-known and deployed open-source/low-cost operating systems, RedHat/CentOS/Windows Server 2012 R2. Using an O/S most companies have already deployed allows enterprises to reduce the number of operating systems their staff must support

Our SimplSupport program includes built-in phone-home diagnostics and weekly status updates, while easily integrating into existing management programs. Spares, when required, arrive next business day and are easily installed.

SimplStor is the perfect storage solution for today's mixed Windows and Unix storage environments, and allows for simple data expansion that won't break the budget in the future. Taking advantage of the performance, reliability and cost savings provided by the best off-the-shelf components and open source/low-cost software, SimplStor was designed to define a new class of enterprise storage.

The era of affordable enterprise storage has arrived!