The NetApp® experts at Zerowait® have been providing affordable alternatives to new NetApp systems and OEM support for over two decades. When you are looking for an economical archival alternative to expensive NetApp and other proprietary storage systems, SimplStor® SHERPA reduces your costs while delivering a highly reliable, long term on-premise archival solution. Offload that archival data from expensive NetApp systems to an affordable SimplStor SHERPA. Let us design a budget saving custom-tailored SimplStor solution for you.

Zerowait engineers created Sherpa as a way to off-load data from your expensive NetApp systems to lower cost storage. The capacity you need will be based on SATA drives to hold down costs. The motherboard and network interface will be selected based on your needs and infrastructure.

To learn more about reducing your cost to store archival data with SHERPA, call 888-811-0808.