SimplStor Cloud Starter Package

Cloud Features and Price – In-House Security

The SimplStor® line of storage arrays was designed to take advantage of increasingly sophisticated off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software to provide a low cost, high availability, high density cloud architecture. Our SimplStor Starter Package takes advantage of the engineering efforts and quality products of Intel, SuperMicro, LSI, Hitachi and Red Hat, to deliver 576 TB raw of CIFS and NFS addressable storage in 2 nodes and only 8U. Uptime is optimized with redundant/hot swappable power supplies, fans, and drives, and our resident SimplSupport diagnostics and reporting package assures that both our engineers and your staff are immediately made aware of any issues and given the information required to effect quick repairs – with parts delivered the next business day.

On the software side, we configure the SimplStor Cloud Starter Package with Red Hat Gluster Storage (RHGS), which offers a complete solution for local and mixed cloud environments:

  • Enterprise-wide file sharing with a single access point across data storage locations.
  • Nearline storage for infrequently accessed data that needs to be online.
  • Rich media (audio and video) content distribution with petabyte-scale storage and high-read performance requirements.
  • High-performance storage for bandwidth-intensive applications like weather prediction and oil and gas exploration.
  • Centralized Storage-as-a-Service to enterprise applications.
  • Backup target and archive for on-site or off-site data protection.

RHGS offers companies the tools and features they need to manage the growth of their object storage. Multiple nodes, with both mirrored and distributed data structures, provide the degree of resiliency each data set requires, and Single Name Space allows for ease of access across nodes and locations. And RHGS allows you to easily scale SimplStor Cloud to multiple petabytes, all secure behind your firewall.

Low-cost, dense, and reliable, with the feature set you need – SimplStor Cloud is the right solution, and our Starter Package makes implementation simple. Please give us a call to day to discuss your requirements with our engineers