SimplStor Petabyte

General Details
CPU: Intel Xeon Quad Core
Chipset: Intel 5520 Tylersburg
Memory: 32GB DDR3 ECC
RAID Controller: LSI 2100
Supported Interfaces:

Disk Drives
Manufacturer: Hitachi
Model: Ultrastar
Capacity: 4.0 TB
Interface: SATA 6.0 Gb/s
RPM: 7200
Cache: 64MB

Sample Configurations


Node OS: Red Hat® RHEL
2 Nodes Consisting of:
1 - SSC-36-144: 36-Bay
     4U Controller
2 - SSA-45-180: 45-Bay
     4U Array


Node OS: Red Hat® RHEL
Single Namespace -
File Virtualization:

Red Hat Storage Server

4 Nodes Consisting of:
1 - SSC-12-48: 12-Bay
     2U Controller
1 - SSA-45-180: 45-Bay
     4U Array

The Space You Need - A Price You Can Afford

The SimplStor® line of storage arrays was designed to take advantage of increasingly sophisticated off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software to provide low cost, high availability, high density archive storage. We offer big data systems in two formats – Simple and Cloud. Both formats take advantage of the engineering efforts and quality products of Intel, SuperMicro, LSI, Hitachi and Red Hat, with the Simple format utilizing RHEL and XFS to deliver 1008 TB raw of CIFS and NFS addressable storage in 2 nodes and only 24U. Our Cloud offering adds Red Hat® Storage Server (RHSS – formerly Gluster) software to offer the first truly affordable, single name space, private/hybid cloud petabyte solution. Utilizing the same basic components, Cloud offers 912 TB raw in only 24U with a 4 node highly resilient, easily managed architecture including Single Namespace virtualization. Virtualization allows you to store and access your data as best fits your application, not your storage, and simplifies many other aspects of data management.

Either format can take advantage of the wide range of SimplStor platforms, both 2U and 4U servers and 4U shelves utilizing 2, 3, or 4TB drives (SSD and Encrypted options available), allowing you to buy the storage you need today and easily build out to multiple petabytes.

All SimplStor products include one year of SimplSupport, our Enterprise class support package. 24/7 access to support engineers and Next Business Day (NBD) parts replacement means your data will be available when you need it. Systems are designed for easy parts replacement in the field, while redundant hot swap power supplies and hot spare/hot swap drives ensure minimal down time.

Big Data storage for as little as $.19/GB – SimplStor is the solution to the more data vs. less budget conundrum. Contact Zerowait today for a quote to meet your requirements.

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